Roulette Rules – Learn How to Play Now!

Roulette rules are extremely easy to learn but most importantly you need to gain as much knowledge as you can before you sit down at a casino or online and start playing. You can save thousands and thousands of dollars in potential losses and turn it around into MAKING thousands and thousands of dollars in potential gains. Roulette is a game of skill, strategy, with a little bit of luck. If you follow the basic free roulette systems rules below you should have no problem being successful and profitable playing roulette.THE BASIC RULES OF ROULETTEo In Roulette you don’t compete with the other players. The roulette game can hold up to eight players, and each player plays against the dealer only. This is a key factor in your success because you can practice crushing the house over and over again for play money until you develop a winning strategy.
o Players buy in and receive chips of a color which are ALWAYS different from other players
o If you win a spin, you cash your color chip in for a cash chip of a certain value.CORRECT MANNERS AT THE TABLEo Your bet must be placed before the spinner or dealer calls out NO MORE BETS!
o Never touch or even attempt to touch your chips after the dealer yells no more bets
o When the dealer calls no more bets, you cannot change the amount of your bet whatsoever.By using these strategies outlined in the above, I turned myself into a winning roulette player overnight. I dominated the roulette wheel and Russian roulette like it was going out of style. Nothing stood in my way from making over $100,000 a year ONLY playing roulette. Not only online roulette can earn you over $100,000 a year, but playing blackjack online or in person can earn you over 100k a year. Playing blackjack can be one of the most profitable online gambling games, especially if you have the right blackjack system in place and you follow it closely. I started profiting off these 2 games 7 years ago when I was in college. I haven’t looked back since. I have been playing with the same $100 I initially deposited theoretically. I have made myself a self-made millionaire in no time. I could have never done it without a blackjack strategy proven to win. This strategy also taught me how to dominate the roulette table.If you put your mind to it and have confidence in yourself and your game, you should definitely be a profitable blackjack and roulette player. Soon as you start winning at the free blackjack games, you know your strategy is working and you can take it to the real money tables. People make the mistake of nose diving right into a blackjack or roulette game without fully understanding the rules. They have a rude awakening when they lose all their money because they DO NOT have a winning strategy in place. I hope these tips have helped you and I wish you the best of luck!